questions & answers


Q: Where?

A: Newborn sessions take place in my studio in Eagle Mountain, UT.  


Q: When should I book my session?

A: The sooner the better!  Its best to schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant (no later than the beginning of your 3rd trimester). I tend to book up 2-4 months in advance & only take a limited number of newborns each month, allowing me to devote enough time to each client.

While I’m willing to book you into any available spot, if you wait until after baby is born, I cannot guarantee that I’ll have a spot available. HOWEVER, you’d better believe I will try my darndest to fit your little one in!


Q: How old should baby be?

A: Newborn sessions are done between 7-10 days old so we get those sweet, sleepy newborn poses.  


 Q: Do I need to bring anything?

A: Nope! I have a bit of a prop addiction and I have literally HUNDREDS of them!  AND chances are I will have a brand new prop JUST for your session. 

Q: How long will my session be?

A: Typically 3 hours… we take a lot of breaks for feeding, changing & cuddling. Nothing is worse than trying to rush a sleepy baby, so I like to take our time.


Q: What should baby wear?

A: Nothing! Newborns look best in their birthday suits and clothing tends to be over-sized & look unnatural. Before your session, please dress baby in a gown or loose fitting clothing to prevent red creases on baby’s skin.  


 Q: Can I include siblings in the session?

A: Yes, but we will schedule a block of time (most likely 30 minutes before the end of the session) for other children to be brought to the studio. Siblings may only be included in the Ultimate Collection for Newborn Sessions.

Q: Will you do multiples?

A: Yes! Double the fun! No extra charge.


Q: How long does it take to get my images back?

A: If applicable, you get to choose your images! I will send you a lightly edited Proof Gallery and you select the images that YOU love! Once you have done so, editing turn around is approximately 2-3 weeks. (However I will always send them to you faster, if I can!) 

Q: How many images do I get?

A: It depends on the Collection that you choose. The Ultimate Collection comes with 25! To see a full gallery example, click HERE!